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Protest the Bio International Convention 2012

Seeds of Resistance: An Alternative Gathering for Environmental Justice and Movement-Building

A successful event! Read Boston Phoenix coverage here.

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BIO International Convention 2012 will be arriving in Boston in just a couple weeks, and we want to confront this gathering with a gathering of our own!

BIO International is an annual gathering of some of the biggest behemoths in industrial agriculture and the big pharm...a industry. The convention will be convening from June 18-22 at the Boston Convention Center and include such environmental criminals as Monsanto, Novartis, Syngenta, Genzyme, DuPont, CocaCola, Pfizer, and more!

The Ciclovida team is working to build power in resistance to this gathering of corporate and state powers by organizing a counter-conference and coordinated action for folks in grassroots movements for environmental justice, food justice, and agricultural justice. We want to build our power together as they are trying to maintain a power-over our food systems, our health, our seeds, and our environment!

What: A 2-day gathering to share, organize, learn strategize in resistance to industrial agriculture and for alternative solutions.
June 20th: music performances, food, group sharing and discussion, report-back from the Ciclovida Encontro in Brazil, relationship and movement-building, action planning, natural/heirloom seed exchange, and a PREMIER of the new Ciclovida short film on Agrofuels

Who: activists, farmers, communities in struggle, and anyone outraged by the current state of agriculture, food systems, health, and environment

When: 5:30pm on June 20 &  11:00am on June 21

Where: Weds. June 20th @ Spontaneous Celebrations, 45 Danforth Street  Jamaica Plain, MA

Thursday, June 21st @ Dewey Square (off South Station T-stop)


* To create an alternative space for building grassroots resistance in the face of monstrosities of industrial agriculture and pharmaceuticals gathering – counter their planning with our own

* To share social movement experience and resistance to corporate domination and capitalism in the context of environmental justice

* To Strengthen the Ciclovida movement in the U.S., confronting Monsanto's agenda to bring GMO to industrial agriculture and sharing the Ciclovida project from the global south that is working to counter that

* Deepen relationships and solidarity in the broader environmental justice movement, while highlighting connections between global struggles and local struggles

* Carry out a coordinated action against destructive Biotech conference

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Download the press release here (PDF).

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